Reza Ghiabi
Posted on February 8, 2018 by Website Admin on News & Events


The TEDxYouth@Tehran is organized by TEDxTehran team today, Feb 8 2018, at Salam Gallery of Sam Sam Center.

TEDxYouth@Tehran is part of the TEDxYouth initiative by TED. On and around the time of Universal Children’s Day, several cities and communities host a TEDxYouth event. While each event is different in format, size and theme, they have a shared vision: inspiring creativity, igniting innovation, and empowering the youth.

TEDxYouth@Tehran is based on a central premise that every young person is the captain of their destiny, the master of their life. They need to take responsibility for their life, be independent thinkers and explore their imagination. They need to feel empowered and bold to do game-changing innovations, technologies and businesses. We design our event theme and invite speakers to give the youth a sense of hope, examples of role models, ideas to innovate and create, and to reach their full potential.

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