Reza Ghiabi
Posted on October 8, 2018 by Website Admin on News & Events

TEDxTehran organized TEDxGlobalDay 2018

TEDxTehran team organized TEDxGlobal 2018 for it’s community to watch live TEDTalk and discuss it.

We live in uncertain, often bewildering times. Never before in recent decades has the world seemed to be so unstable. Yet behind the headlines and the very contemporary social-media-fueled quarrels, people around the world — millions of them in fact — are unrelentingly engaged in finding solutions to small and big problems, in dreaming up new ways to expand the possible, and in building a better world.

We the Future aims at sharing some of those stories and highlighting some of those trajectories. The program will put equal emphasis on both “We” and “Future”. Talks about impact-oriented projects and visions will mix with sensible analysis, cautionary tales and discussions about building bridges and constructive dialogue.

Through TEDxGlobal Day, TED demonstrates the power of the TEDx community to create a more connected world.

Reza Ghiabi | رضا غیابی