Reza Ghiabi

Reza Ghiabi is an opportunity maker. He believes in a future where everyone has the opportunity to grow to their fullest potential and our collective ability to build that future together.
 He is an unshakable responsible optimist.

Described as “a passionate entrepreneur with strategic intellect” and “a pillar of the start-up community in Iran”, Ghiabi teaches leaders and organizations how to grow to their fullest potential both individually and organizationally. With a bold goal to help build a world full of opportunities, Ghiabi is leading a movement to create high impact ventures.

Reza Ghiabi earned a Bachelor’s degree (BA) in Industrial Engineering from Azad University while he was self-studying Cultural Anthropology. He also holds an MBA of Information Technology from Industrial Management Institute. Later he attended IAE Lyon School of Management with the intention of studying Doctorate of Business Administration but left university to go into Management Consulting.

A trained Ethnographer, Ghiabi is fascinated by the reasoning that the most impactful leaders and organizations grow. Over the years, he has discovered some remarkable patterns about how leaders think, act and communicate, and the environments in which people operate at their natural best. He has devoted a significant part of his life to sharing his thinking in order to help other leaders and organizations to create opportunities.

Prior to founding OPPMAKR Institute, Ghiabi worked as an individual business consultant at private sector companies, government entities and international organizations headquartered in Tehran. At that time, he developed initiation plans and business models for new parts of Iran-France and Iran-Netherlands Friendship Associations, UNDP, Iran Center for eCommerce Development, Falcon Advising, TICK Club, Yazdshahab, Rosetahrir, Aras San’at, Maniform, Viuna, and Behamooz.

In 2009, with the first waves of Iran Startup Ecosystem, Ghiabi started to get involved with tech startups as a mentor in strategy. Taking a deeper look into what causes startups to grow, Ghiabi focused on empowering the culture of innovation. Since 2014, he may be best known for organizing TEDxTehran, a local, independently organized event licensed by TED that brings hundreds of thought leaders, innovators, and doers, from across different disciplines, to embrace “Ideas Worth Spreading” in the heart of Tehran.

Today, Reza Ghiabi together with his organizations OPPMAKR Institute, ILIA\\OPPMAKR, Ghasedak Ventures and VIRA Institute, provides various services from initiation and management strategy to fundraising. Ghiabi’s unconventional and innovative views on business and entrepreneurship, have attracted local and international attention and have earned him connections with an array of leaders and organizations, including Barkat Ventures, SWPars, IMI, MIMT, Science and Technology Vice-Presidency, Indiefalcon, Hampa, TTS, Asna, DKFK, AriaFoodan and ILIA-ERP.

Ghiabi shares his views with all who listen. He is an active speaker at startup events, large conventions, and corporate gatherings. Besides his regular contribution to MITM conference at Industrial Management Institute, he has spoken at TEDxCannes and CreativeMornings/Tehran as well as many Startup Weekends and other innovation-related events. Additionally, Reza Ghiabi has written and commented for the local and international press, including TEDBlog, TechRasa, Dialogue, Tejarat-e Farda, Tadbir Magazine, Agahan, Radio Farhang, Radio Eghtesad, Bazar TV and Mostanad TV. Moreover, in partnership with Shenoto and Innotalks, he has his own audio and video podcast series available on his website. Ghiabi is active on social media and writes his own blog on

With a vision to change the way businesses think, act and operate, Ghiabi is a member of THE, one of the most highly regarded think tanks in Europe. He is also active in the Arts and the not-for-profit world. He lives in Tehran.