Reza Ghiabi

Today, Reza Ghiabi together with his organizations OPPMAKR Institute, ILIA\\OPPMAKR, Ghasedak Ventures and VIRA Institute, provides various services from initiation and management strategy to fundraising. Ghiabi’s unconventional and innovative views on business and entrepreneurship, have attracted local and international attention and have earned him connections with an array of leaders and organizations. Ghiabi's current positions and what others say about him is as follows:

Reza Ghiabi - oppmakr
Opportunity Maker & Responsible Optimist @ Tehran, Iran
Iran | Think Tanks
Director (2015 - Present)
The OPPMAKR Institute
Privately Held, 11-50, Think Tanks

Partnerships, Consulting and Community Building in Iran
Our mission is to shape innovative ventures in Iran, enabling innovation culture. In the absence of hope to a better economic future for Iranians, we believe we must create opportunities for everyone to grow. Therefore we always seek for responsible optimists to join, and monitor best practices to decode and learn the best-in-class business trends and strategies. Since it’s birthday, the OPPMAKR Institute has been evolved to the needs of its stakeholders and controls three organizations as follows:

ILIA OPPMAKR management consulting addresses managerial challenges of SMEs and startups.
VIRA Institute of Creativity and Innovation supports and organizes some of the largest events in Iran.
Ghasedak Ventures partners with visionary entrepreneurs to provide them with funds and strategic partnerships with select organizations.

For more information please view our company profile.

Executive Partner (2017 - Present)
OPPMAKR's Ghasedak Ventures
Privately Held, 2-10, Venture Capital

Disrupt the way we design and maintain creative ICT solutions. This is Ghasedak's challenge to entrepreneurs and this is what the VC invests in. Ghasedak Ventures mission is simple, but our goal is even more straightforward: to be recognized by entrepreneurs and industry alike as a value-add partner and thought-leader in bringing innovation and efficiency gains to the way they make people's lives easier.

Partner (2016 - Present)
Privately Held, 2-10, Management Consulting

Founded on a deeper understanding of Iran business environment, ILIA\\OPPMAKR is a joint partnership of ILIA Corporation and OPPMAKR Institute which specializes in professional business solutions and hands-on consulting. ILIA\\OPPMAKR raison d’être is simple —delivering professional innovative services through the power of knowledge combined with ACTION. We exist to enable. The more we enable, the happier we are. OPPMAKR Institute and ILIA COrporation are united to empower organizations and entrepreneurs unfold their full potential in Iran as well as International markets.

Project portfolio includes:

- Membership to the advisory board of Indiefalcon (ImaanPlus)
- Membership to the advisory board of INOTEX 2018
- Membership to the advisory board of JIBIT payment solutions
- Membership to the advisory board of ASNA Advertising Agency
- Membership to the advisory board of HAMPA
- Portfolio management for international investments of Barkat Ventures
- Founding and creating the board of directors for Science and Wealth of Pars Venture Capital company
- Online presence business strategy development for Aria Foodan Food Industries
- Company setup for ILIA ERP
- Marketing strategy development for EPSS
- Organizational maturity level improvement for ASNA advertising agency
- Marketing strategy for SunOrang

Chairman (2015 - Present)
OPPMAKR's VIRA Institute
Privately Held, 11-50, Events Services

VIRA curates high quality events. As a n initiative of the OPPMAKR Institute, VIRA Institute of Creativity and Innovation curates and organizes some of the largest events in Iran.

Licensee & Organizer (2015 - Present)
Non Profit, 11-50, Nonprofit Organization Management

Supporting the mission of Ideas Worth spreading, TEDxTehran are local, independently organized events licensed by TED that brings people living in Tehran together to share a TED-like experience. We bring thought leaders, innovators and doers, from across different disciplines, to share their ideas and stories in the heart of Tehran. In the spirit of TED’s “Ideas Worth Spreading” we strive to bring “Ideas to Make the World a Better Place”.

Editorial Board Member (2018 - Present)
Idea Designers Magazine
Public Company, 2-10, Publishing

Idea Designers Magazine is a media for Tehraners who have the will and power to make positive change within their community. The magazine features articles on various topics from design, to entrepreneurship and innovation and has a well established distribution system to communicate with it's audience.

Member (2016 - Present)
THE Est.
Partnership, 2-10, Think Tanks

THE is a think tank to explore the transformation of the old economy into the Digital Modern era. We critically convoy decision makers on their way to the necessary shift in perspective and world-view supporting the digital transformation towards an economically as well as ecologically sustainable present and future.

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مشورت با رضا در هر حوزه ای فرصتهای زیادی براتون خلق خواهد کرد.

Amir Hossein Madadi | Co-Founder and Manager at Elamis Data Processing, Manager at

He seeks for new opportunities to create values ... and I am surprised of his positive impact on people's network.

Milad Saberi | Chapter Director at Startup Grind

از معدود افرادیست که در زمانه امروز بر روی اصول اخلاقی تجارت و ارتباطات حساس بوده و به آن عمل می‌کند. مردی با دید بلند و نگاهی آینده‌نگر.

Ebad Ghafoory | CEO at Saitak Co. & Host at CMTehran

Reza is one of the most disciplined and punctual people I've ever met. He feels responsible for the society and everyone around him; that's why they call him the opportunity maker!

Mehrnoosh Baratpoor | Web Developer at Alibaba Travels Co

Reza has an impressive communication skills and on personal level, I found him as a nice person that is easy to communicate with. He's responsible and dedicated person. As soon as you convince him to start, you can consider that task done.

Nooshafarin Movaffagh | Content Creator and Photographer at umekhane

Reza is a very enthusiastic friend and a professional entrepreneur. He know how to create opportunities, indeed!

Farid Shokrieh | Marketing and Managing Director at Four Mind Advertising Agency Iran

He is energetic, brilliant, and very sharp-minded. He has his specific methods for managing and organizing which have proved to be effective. As a speaker in TEDxTehran 2017, I enjoyed working with him as the organizer of the event and his team, and it was a great experience.

Hamidreza Keshavarz | CRM and Data Mining Consultant at Steel Alborz

I have to say that Reza’s perspective towards different circumstances is outstanding and rare. His ambitious goals, energetic vibes and punctuality are only a few of his characteristics. We need more people like “Mr. Opportunity Maker” in Iran’s startup community.

Nasser Aghdami | CEO at Cell Tech Pharmed Company

Reza Ghiabi is a dynamic individual & an opportunity maker in the best & truest sense of the word.

Azita Houshiar | Illustrator, Writer, Food Blogger, Podcaster, Content Creator @FigAndQuince

Reza’s perspective towards different circumstances is outstanding and rare.

Hamed Jafari | Co-Founder at TechRasa

What can I say about Reza Ghiabi. Unshakable confidence, unimaginable capability, a network of endless contacts and a pillar of the start-up community in Iran. I have been fortunate enough to have known Reza for some time and this year I finally got the opportunity to work with him and see his energy, passion, creativity and resilience first hand. There isn’t an idea he won’t explore, a door he can’t open and always, always delivers on his promises on time - and that's a rare quality.

Shehbaz Afzal | Founder and CEO at Indiefalcon

Reza had played a big role in Iran’s startup ecosystem as an influencer, speaker, mentor, and etc. He is a warm hearted person whose main goal as I have realized is to show wana be entrepreneurs the opportunities and vice versa. That’s why everyone calls him the “opportunity maker”. He makes the most out of every opportunity and people.

Ali Moghanchi | Founder of

Reza is a hyper-connected guy who searches and finds opportunities and values long-term success over short-term effect. He's knowledgeable across many fields, with a strategic as well as creative mindset: The perfect guy to exchange thoughts, ideas, and visions with - and then make them happen.

Rene Fischer | Partner, Strategist at Be&Do

Reza is a leader with several skills and education.

Sami Nezami | Portfolio Project Managment at SWpars

Reza is patient, meek and his managerial vision is superb! Working with him is a mere enjoyment, trust me!

Farbod Ghotbi | Digital Marketing Manager at VIRA SOFTWARE GROUP

If you want to know the man that can help you not only in your business but also in your life, if you want to meet the man that has a lot of Knowledge about startup and focus on it. The man is here.

Samane Zarepour | Experienced Analyst, International Marketer, and Project Manager

An organised professional with top EQ. They make Internet marketing something actual and real and not only virtual.

Kamal Maissami Fard | Managing Director of Aria Foodan Food Industries Company

Very experienced and very gifted with great managerial skills. He is a true change maker that wants the best for the startup community of Iran. The entrepreneurship community in Tehran is lucky to have him as a leader.

Amirreza Mohammadi | Startup Community Builder at Banian

Reza is one of the most proactive and tireless instructors I have ever seen. He added a great value to our Start Academy course in Baha Business School.

Maisam Zargarpour | Startup Mentor & Instructor at Farda Media

Reza is one the most professional business managers I have ever worked with. He has vast knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship, coaching and team lead in a deep and result oriented way.

Meysam Sepehrikia | Founder & CEO at Pinit

Reza is innovative. He helped us to find our fundamental business questions.

Reza Talebi | CEO at Vestasoft

Aside from his passion to help and grow the startup community in Iran, he has a natural instinct for developing and consulting new businesses and startups.

Mohammadreza Azali | Startup Community Builder at TechRasa

Reza is a smart with high level of interpersonal skill. As an innovator, he is a young manager with new ideas in world class business.

Mohammad Hassan Adjigol | MBA Instructor & Lecturer / Senior IT consultant

He is one of the most talented & passionate people that I've ever seen in my life. He is always looking at the half full of the glass and can lead the team in the toughest situations.

Roozbeh Jazi |Product Manager at Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Reza is an enthusiastic and passionate person. He is perfect in handling difficult situations.

Kimiya Keyvan | IT Specialist

I find Reza a confident and optimistic person.  He is such a fantastic team worker who has the ability to handle hard situations and make everyone's spirited.

Elmira Sanati Nia | Graduate Student at University of Manitoba

Reza is a great teammate and coordinator. He is very enthusiastic about everything he gets involved.

Njdeh Tahmasian Savarani | Change Agent, Hacker, Explorer at Digikala

Reza is very enthusiastic and hardworking. When he was not in the class it seemed that the class was empty.

Dr. Ameneh Alaghband | Senior Consultant of Women Fraction at Parliament of Iran

You can rely on him in tough situations.

Nikoo Niknam| Founder & CEO at NikPrint

Reza`s efficiency in terms of working on a business project is exceptional. He has a clear vision of what he is after in business and possess a strong will to achieve it.

Ali Hosseini | Global OTP Planning & Deployment Manager at British American Tobacco

A great man and a real hard worker.

Farokh Shahabi Nezhad | Managing Director at Idearun Startup Studio