Reza Ghiabi
Posted on April 18, 2018 by Website Admin on News & Events


You can now meet Reza Ghiabi at his office, OPPMAKR Institute announced Face-2-Face program today.

It has been almost four year that Ghiabi does not offer hourly consulting services, instead serves at the board of select companies to cover more projects and maximizes impact. Yet, there was demand for consulting meetings, so the OPPMAKR Institute dedicated part of Ghiabi’s time to his Instagram live shows on Thirsday and participating as mentor in entrepreneurial events.

Still, demand for the meetigns are so high that Ghiabi now dedicated a few hours per weeks for meetings with entrepreneurs and doers to discuss strategy with them.

To book a time, contact the OPPMAKR Institute on +98 21 7598 1040.