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Posted on April 13, 2018 by Website Admin on OPPMAKR Blog

OPPMAKR Inspirations: a TEDTalk, a TEDx Talk and a Website

"Paying attention to everything is paying attention to nothing" . ~Outtake from OPPMAKR Blog

In a world where we are getting bombarded by articles, podcasts and tweets every day, we need to take a step back and digest what really inspires action. That is why I'll be sharing what keeps me inspired in "OPPMAKR INSPIRATIONS" blog post series.

one of the latest TEDTalks

Jaron Lanier: How we need to remake the internet

The internet is so broken we might just have to rebuild it from scratch. On the same day Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before the US Congress about the perils of his social media behemoth, computer science philosopher Jaron Lanier delivered a sobering prognosis on the spiraling corruption of our social networks.

and one of our Talks @TEDxTehran

Mohammad Kazem Ghanbari: The Untold Stories of Internet In Iran

What I really like about his talk is that not only he walked the talk, but I like where he argues that we (as Iran's young generation) solve all our problems by leaving the country (with all do respect to all Iranian immigrants). If you are in Iran, turn on your VPN, It's on youtube we'll upload it to our Aparat channel soon!


My friends at IDEARUN , just started this useful tool to provide a "Dynamic list of startups and accelerators in Iran".

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