Reza Ghiabi
Posted on March 21, 2018 by Website Admin on News & Events


Happy Nowruz 1397 and Iranian New Year. See Reza Ghiabi’s full message >>


Dearest Friends,

If you are an Iranian, I’m sure you already received a handful of Nowruz messages. So I intend to leave sending poems of spring to the powerful hands of poets. Instead, what I prepared for you is not a very well written wish, but indeed it is from the bottom of my heart:

Happy Nowruz and Persian new year. I wish you a year in which every step you take is on the way your endless path of growth and maturity. I also wish prosperity for your time and a year in which you are surrounded by people who truly understand you.

Also as your Nowruz gift, I have created an article on “my favorite 8 managerial tools to create positive change“, which I think is timely for this time of the year.

Also now that we are at the end of the past year, I’d like to take this opportunity and present you with my one and only talk at CreativeMornings/Tehran about “anxiety”. My personal story might be useful for you to convert anxiety to opportunity.