Reza Ghiabi
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SWOT Analysis of Iran Startup Ecosystem

Inspired by Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle, in my talk and the I presented how to build a Golden Brand for startups and other organizations. The following slides includes parts of the talk. I have added some orange boxes and notes to describe the illustrations. The basic idea is simple yet powerful: communicate with WHY.

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X The Unknown: My TEDx Story

It is now more than 6 years that TED —a conference with the mission of sharing “Ideas Worth Spreading”, launched one of the world’s most successful programs called TEDx. A TEDx is a TED-like event for the local communities. According to TED, the mission for TEDx is to “empower communities everywhere to organize events that connect […]

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Here is How to Sell: Don’t!

In this article Reza argues that the vast majority of online business audience are no fools anymore. The article also provides understanding of your audience experience through AIDA(OR) platform and introduces three important paradigm shifts in marketing: From Sales Campaigns to Movements, From Sales People to Thought Leaders, From Costumers to Loyal Followers.