Reza Ghiabi



As a “transformer”, Reza Ghiabi talked at the Liechtenstein-based Think- and Action-Tank THE on September 1st, 2018.



THE HUS institute in Lichtenstein just updated it’s  events page with Reza Ghiabi’s name as on pf their speakers at the day of their annual event.


Reza Ghiabi | رضا غیابی صبحانه فرصت آفرین

OPPMAKR Breakfast guests discussed “The Art of Survival” for Iranian companies. Read the gist of their thoughts here.


Reza Ghiabi Podcast | پادکست رضا غیابی

Ali Yekani’s Behtarin-e Khodet Sho podcast hosted Reza Ghiabi. The 40 minutes episode is released today and accessible for free. Listen to it NOW!


Reza Ghiabi - Sharif University | رضا غیابی در دانشگاه شریف

Today, Reza Ghiabi have been hosted by the Sharif University Students to talk about some of his blog posts and a round of Q&A. Watch a part of it’s video here!


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Reza Ghiabi is an opportunity maker. He believes in a future where everyone has the opportunity to grow to their fullest potential and our collective ability to build that future together.
 He is an unshakable responsible optimist.

Described as “a passionate entrepreneur with strategic intellect” and “a pillar of the start-up community in Iran”, Ghiabi teaches leaders and organizations how to grow to their fullest potential both individually and organizationally. With a bold goal to help build a world full of opportunities, Ghiabi is leading a movement to create high impact ventures.

Reza is also the director @ OPPMAKR Institute, ceo @ ILIA\\OPPMAKR, organizer @ TEDxTehran and a member @ The

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