Reza Ghiabi

Reza Ghiabi is among G32 keynote speakers to talk at the Industrial Management Institute on February 25, 2018.


OPPMAKR Video episodes can take you beyond business.


The TEDxYouth@Tehran is organized by TEDxTehran team today, Feb 8 2018, at Salam Gallery of Sam Sam Center.


For her thesis, an MBA student asked Reza Ghiabi: What are the reasons Iran startups fail? Here is Reza’s answer.


Reza Ghiabi Talking at the Creative Mornings Tehran

Reza Ghiabi was this month’s speaker for Tehran Creative Mornings event, on Friday, January 26, 2017.


Reza Ghiabi speaking at TEDxCannes 2016

A short version of Reza Ghiabi’s talk at TEDxCannes 2016 has been published recently. Watch it online.

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TEDxTehran 2017: Crossroads has been organized on December 22, at Milad Tower Main Conference Hall. (more…)

Ghiabi mentored at Rooyesh Accelerator. (more…)

Organized for the love of travel with the participation of travel record holders from around the world, the first ever Tehran Travel Show organized in the city on November 23 and 24 of 2017.  (more…)

Reza Ghiabi is a responsible optimist and an unshakable opportunity maker. He believes in the existence of unlimited opportunities for everyone and our individual ability to activate them.


Described as “a passionate entrepreneur with a rare intellect”, Ghiabi helps leaders and organizations to discover their unique opportunities. With a bold goal, he is trying to build a world where the vast majority of people are making meaningful and effective efforts together. Ghiabi is leading a movement to make opportunities for growth for everyone.

ceo@ ILIA\\OPPMAKR | member @ The | organizer @ TEDxTehran | board member @ Hampa | founder @ OPPMAKR Institute

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